World Medical Card

taking care of you when you travel

World Medical Card

How can you communicate your critical medical information if you have an accident, are unconscious or have another emergency?

The World Medical Card system ensures that medical personnel have immediate access to your comprehensive medical information that can be interpreted whether you’re minutes from home or across the globe.

This crucial information can also be accessed from your smartphone or the Web — along with X-rays, emergency contacts, documents and more.

Registration is easy and takes only 5 to 10 minutes. The World Medical Card system will ask you questions to complete your secure personal profile. Just gather your information about medications, allergies and diagnoses to get started.

Be safe. Be secure. Prevent medical errors.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING: $25.00 for a one-year subscription
Regularly $49.00 — a $24.00 savings — and a $4.00 donation is made to AADA.
Available to Members, Friends and Family.