Scholarship and Grant Recipients

Student Scholarship and First Time Attendee

Fort Worth Texas Conference       By: Brooklynn White

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend the conference in Texas this year. I had never been to this state and it was absolutely beautiful.

The welcome dinner was amazing what a great way to start off the conference with catching up with many others in the group, watching the sweet video of the lady that just passed away from cancer, and a delicious BBQ dinner. The members in the group are all so kind and quick to answer any questions we have. I’m so grateful for the advice on things we should avoid or not do to help make us successful.

I thought the networking breakfast was perfect. It was great to hear from three different ladies in three different stages of their husband’s dental career. They all had so many incredible things to say which I think will be very helpful as my husband begins his career next year and future years. I really liked what Lisa said about sometimes our husbands will come home and need to vent/talk and we shouldn’t try to solve their problems, we need to be good listeners and show love and support.

I really enjoyed the breakout sessions this year. The gentleman that practices dental law was incredibly knowledgeable. If we need any documents looked over or ever have any questions on things we will definitely be calling him. I had no idea we couldn’t give a gift basket with a gift card in it saying thank you for the referral, so that was something I needed to hear. I also enjoyed learning more from the Physical Therapist. We both have begun to have back issues from our career so learning stretches we can do to strengthen our backs will be very helpful. I also never realized they have ear plugs where you can still hear your patients but when a noise is really loud the ear plugs will make it so that doesn’t affect your hearing. We would like to avoid as many issues as possible so beginning with that will be so beneficial.

The ADPAC breakfast I felt was helpful. I think it is very important to support our members by paying our dues and fighting for what is right. I am still not very knowledgeable in this area but each time as I learn more about it I realize how important it is.

The awards gala was a lot of fun. It was great snacking on some fruit while socializing with others. I was caught off guard when they recognized us as grant winners and gave us a certificate, I thought that was really kind of them. The band was great, just what I would expect from the state of Texas.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend this conference if it wasn’t for the grant there was no way we would have been able to attend. We have been so impressed with everyone in the group. There are so many humble, kind, loving people and we would definitely love to keep our membership up, stay involved, and hopefully make a difference in others lives like many did for us from this conference.

Thank you again,


Fort Worth Texas Conference       By: Josh White

My wife Brooklynn and I had a great time at the AADA conference this year. We learned many priceless things and met many wonderful people.

The welcome dinner was exceptional, we were able to meet more than half of the attendees and the food was delicious. It was fun to lasso the horse head, and enjoy the local food.

The networking breakfast was great because I was able to learn from the input of dental spouses.  I liked the variety in that each spouse was involved with their husbands practice in a different and unique way. This allowed me to learn from each one and it seemed applicable to the other attendees as well.

I enjoyed learning from Robert Anderton on risk management in the dental practice. His lecture was very captivating and intriguing. There was so much great information that he shared and I wish I could’ve recorded it to listen to it again. He was very knowledgeable and blunt with his remarks. He seems like a great resource to have in the future.

The BEE well lectures were also very insightful. Both lectures on the back and ears were especially useful since I am a young dentist and am already experiencing back muscle spasms and slight hearing difficulties.  I took pictures of the slides with the recommended back and neck exercises and plan to implement them in my morning stretching routine each day.  Also, I plan on purchasing some ear protection for practicing dentistry after school.

I never realized how little I knew about politics in dentistry until I attended the ADPAC breakfast. By attending it I gained the knowledge of the fundraising role of ADPAC and why it is so important to be involved in our countries political policies pertaining to my profession. I definitely plan on donating to this great cause in order to further protect both my patients and myself from law makers who know very little about dentistry.

Smart Smiles seems like a great local program to help children with dental issues receive preventative and definitive treatment.  What an amazing and inspiring program this is, I hope it will spread throughout the country. The presenter seemed very passionate and I was impressed with the role that she has taken on in carrying out this program and in involving her family.

Great West Financial gave an insightful presentation on both disability insurance as well as life insurance.  I thankfully already have both through great west, but it was good to hear the other attendees reassure me of the importance of these types of insurance.

Finally, we had a great night at the awards gala. It was fun to dress up and participate in the Chinese raffle. Although we didn’t win anything, some of the attendees still gave us gifts and made us feel very welcomed. The awards ceremony was fun to watch and participate in. Lastly, the food and the dancing made it a fantastic evening to remember in Fort Worth, Texas. I am so grateful that I was able to attend the 2018 AADA conference and to have received the scholarship grant.  It allowed both my wife and I the funds necessary to participate, learn, and develop friendships with the other AADA members.

Thank you again,


Fort Worth Texas Conference       By: Heidi Jones

The AADA Conference was such a delight to attend! The Welcome Dinner was a fun, Texan welcome, and we enjoyed getting to talk with many new faces! We loved the yee-haw, hi-y’all, pull-up-a-seat environment, and it was particularly enjoyable for me to see the slide show of previous years of AADA. It makes me wish I had been better at taking pictures at conference this year! 

At the Networking Breakfast, I really enjoyed the panel of speakers. Hearing from spouses who have different levels of involvement at the office really made me think about how much involvement I want to have down the road (the answer is still to be determined, I believe). I found it humorous to hear so many spouses agree with the question “Will my husband really retire at 65? How do I get him to retire?” and this made me wonder if that will be our future, too! I loved the discussion about how to get the staff involved and feel like family, and the ideas of hosting parties and bringing flowers to the office, etc. really got me thinking.

The breakout sessions were fascinating to me. Risk Management taught me that there are so many things to be careful about when running a practice. Because of this class, Nick and I have had some good conversations about what we’d like to use to grow a patient base and express appreciation without doing things that are unethical. Prior to the conference, I also was uneducated about the hearing loss dentists frequently experience. I especially enjoyed Dr. Robin Carson’s presentation about hearing loss, and have, in response, already encouraged Nick to start wearing ear protection as well as convinced my mom to get a baseline audiology exam. Who knew that hearing is done mostly by the brain and not the ear?! Quite an intriguing topic, in my opinion. 

 Next up was the Legislative Advocacy Breakfast on Saturday morning. While this is definitely not my area of expertise, I  was encouraged to see so many politically active members of the dental community in one room. What an important work they do towards helping our dentists be able to practice effectively! Smart Smiles came next, and this topic really got my imagination going. What wonderful work Jennifer Banton has been doing with underprivileged individuals! Besides helping the patients, I know her work also benefits the many volunteers that get to experience helping out at a Smart Smiles event. Joining or running an event like this someday would be so much fun, in my opinion! I truly felt inspired by Jennifer’s go-get-’em attitude and how she organized such a helpful event based on a simple need that she saw in the community (the child on her kid’s soccer team who had very obvious cavities).  Great West Financial had a great presentation, as well, and because of this presentation we even acted to get Nick signed up for his ASDA life insurance benefits ASAP.

Downtown Ft. Worth was a lot of fun to explore, and we really admired the work the many talented artists had on display at the Arts Festival. Chatting with like-minded individuals was reassuring, and learning from more experienced dentists and spouses really opened our minds to future hurdles we will be facing as Nick gets closer to finishing school. The Gala was a delight, and the awards and auction were great to see and be a part of! What a great group of people, and we were so grateful and glad to be a part of AADA Conference this year! Thank you for the Student Spouse Scholarship that allowed me to take part in such a great time.

Heidi Jones

Fort Worth Texas Conference       By: Nick Jones

I had a really great time attending the AADA conference in Fort Worth! The Texas themed welcome dinner was a really good time! I appreciated having time to get to know the other attendees and someone even took the time to introduce us to the other student couple. It was really nice to hang around afterword and get to know more of the attendees.

The discussion panel at the networking breakfast was helpful in shedding light on all the different perspectives that different dentists and their families can have on practicing dentistry and just living life in general. I also really appreciated the breakout sessions and was grateful to learn more about hearing loss in dentistry as that is a topic that is rarely discussed at my dental school. I will be purchasing some ear plugs hear soon so thanks! 🙂

The presentation from Smart Smiles the following day also really stuck out to me. My wife and I hope to practice in Texas someday so it was good for me to learn about opportunities where I will be able to serve in my own home state.  We also thoroughly enjoyed exploring downtown Ft Worth and the surrounding areas.

I am beyond grateful for the scholarships that my wife and I received that allowed us to participate in this years AADA conference as well as allowing us to explore our future home. Thank you!

Nick Jones