More Tools

equipping you for the oral health of your community

Healthy Living, Healthy Lives

The tools you need to ensure success!  Your total health affects your oral health.

Mouth Power

is an interactive program, developed by the Samuel Harris National Museum of Dentistry, to teach children about good oral health. Child receives a certificate upon completion of the program.

Colgate Kids

Play online games, puzzles and other activities that teach about healthy teeth.

Milk Matters

Milk Matters gives away a free 14-page coloring book, designed to teach parents, children, and health care providers about the importance of calcium for children and teens. The booklet, for children ages four to eight, follows Buddy Brush as he explains why calcium is critical not only to good health, but also to healthy teeth, and outlines how to take good care of teeth.

With three different membership options, we are sure that you will find one that fits your lifestyle.

  • Becoming a member is as easy as pressing the Join Us button at any time.
  • OR, you may fill out a Membership Application form to join or renew and mail or fax it to the AADA Central Office.

After joining or renewing, you will be sent a welcome packet with helpful member information.

As a member of the Alliance you will receive:

  • Access to all AADA Member Benefits
  • KEY, our bi-annual award-winning newsletter. In it you will find news, meeting updates, and helpful articles.
  • Assistance from your Leadership Council
  • Access to resources for dental health education, legislative advocacy, membership, and well being
  • The opportunity to mentor and to be mentored by others like you.
  • Experience as a dental ambassador and advocate.

The three membership categories are as follows:

Active Member – If you are the spouse of an active, life or retired ADA member, or the spouse of a deceased ADA member, you qualify for this membership. The cost of this membership is only $50 annually. If there is an active local and state alliance where you reside there will be additional nominal dues.

Student Spouse Member – If your spouse or significant other is a dental student you qualify for this membership. The annual cost of this membership is only $5 and your membership year will run September 1 through August 31.

Contributing Member – Supporters of the Alliance can show their support of the AADA by paying a membership fee of $50 annually. Examples of members that qualify for this category of membership are spouses of Alliance members (i.e. the dentist) adult children working in the dental practice, dental staff members, and professional colleagues in the dental industry. Currently this membership is only available at the national level.

Dishing Up Smiles

Ever heard the phrase, “Life’s short, eat dessert first”? Dishing Up Smiles, a publication from the Alliance of the American Dental Association, has many ideas for that all important beginning or ending to the perfect meal.

Ready Set Brush

ADA and Readers’ Digest designed this 12 page cardboard pop-up book where Sesame Street characters help kids learn to care for their teeth.

Got Rot

Got Rot gives you information on the hard truth about soft drinks. Very useful for campaigning for the removal of soft drink machines in school settings. Brochures, posters and stickers are available. Illinois State Dental Society.