Alliance Membership

With three different membership options, we are sure that you will find one that fits your lifestyle.

Active Member / Member-at-Large (MAL): If you are the spouse of an active, life or retired ADA member, or the spouse of a deceased ADA member, you qualify for this membership. The cost of this membership is only $50 annually. If there is an active local and state alliance where you reside there will be additional nominal dues. MAL member is when your membership is not affiliated through your state alliance.

Student Spouse Member: If your spouse or significant other is a dental student you qualify for this membership. The annual cost of this membership is only $5.

Contributing Member: Supporters of the Alliance can show their support of the AADA by paying a membership fee of $50 annually. Examples of members that qualify for this category of membership are spouses of Alliance members (i.e. the dentist) adult children working in the dental practice, dental staff members, and professional colleagues in the dental industry. Currently this membership is only available at the national level.

Apply or Renew Today!

Becoming a member and staying a member is as easy as pressing the Join or Renew button at any time, or you may download a Membership Application form to join or download a Membership Renewal Form to renew.

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