House of Delegates and Resolutions

Each year, AADA delegates meet at Convention to conduct association business. Each State affiliated or not, is entitled to representation by two AADA member delegates. Affiliated States are afforded additional representation through the addition of one additional delegate per 100 members. If you plan to attend Convention and would like to serve as an AADA delegate, please coordinate with your State Alliance organization, or if you are an AADA member in an unaffiliated State, please make your interest known through an email communication to Delegate materials will be made available to AADA delegates at least 30 days prior to the start of Convention. This year, AADA will be considering four pieces of business during the Open Forum Caucus/Reference Committee Meeting and the House of Delegates. All AADA members present at Convention, whether serving as delegates or not, are invited to attend the Open Forum Caucus/Reference Committee Meeting on Friday, October 20th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel. This caucus/meeting is a first opportunity for all AADA members to ask questions and offer their opinions relative to the resolutions. The House of Delegates will meet on Friday, October 20th from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm; also at the Hilton Atlanta Hotel. It is during this session that reports of the Reference Committee will be presented and votes taken on the resolutions.


Resolution Title :  Name Change of the Organization from Alliance of the American Dental Association (AADA) to American Dental Association Spouse Alliance (ADASA).

Background:  The current name Alliance of the ADA (AADA) is unclear in its title as to the purpose of the organization, membership, etc. If the name of an organization is not self-explanatory and one needs to spend time explaining its purpose, it becomes very difficult to recruit new members or easily market the organization to others.

Be it resolved that: The Alliance of the American Dental Association will be renamed as the American Dental Association Spouse Alliance (ADASA).

Estimated Cost: Unknown    Explanation:  There would be some cost associated with rebranding with a new name for the organization including but not limited to new logo and new printed materials, time spent changing the organization name with affiliated and support organizations such as the ADA, ADPAC, sponsors, etc. The extent of these costs are unclear at this time.

Resolution Author:   Susanne Espinosa, 784 S. Main St., Hartford, WI 53027, / (801)787-3514 (cell)

Resolution Title :  Dissolution of the House of Delegates and Reference Committee of the Alliance of the American Dental Association; And Establishment of The Annual Business Meeting of the Alliance of the American Dental Association.

Background:  Due to the changing membership and affiliated states within the Alliance of the American Dental Association, the House of Delegates structure has become obsolete and detrimental to member participation during Convention. Resolution was originally presented by Teresa Theurer at Convention 2016 which did not pass. A committee was formed to study the House of Delegates. This committee was chaired by Susanne Espinosa, Leadership Council member, and consisted of members Betty Cowley, Carol Reitz, Lesley Benson, Lisa Burns, Lisa Wilson, Marilyn Woerner, Mary Fitzgerald, Patsy Dumas, and Teresa Theurer. The committee communicated via group emails, held a conference call and those in attendance met during Conference 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The members of the committee represent a wide swath of Alliance membership in age, geography and affiliated status. The committee discussed the various implications of dissolving the House of Delegates and changing the structure to a Business Meeting, as well as the pros and cons. The conclusion was that change is necessary for the meeting and organization to remain relevant and accessible to members.

Be it resolved that the Alliance of the American Dental Association dissolves its House of Delegates and associated Reference Committee. The House of Delegates shall be replaced by an annual Alliance Business Meeting held in conjunction with the ADA Annual Meeting. This Business Meeting will be structured similar to a stockholder’s meeting in the following ways:

Each paid Alliance member will have a vote on any proposed resolutions and on the annual budget.

The annual budget will be presented and voted upon by members present at the meeting.

There will be a time allowed for ‘open forum’ discussion of any resolutions, followed by a vote.

Proposed members for the Leadership Council will be presented and voted upon.

Estimated Cost: $0.00          Explanation:  The cost of holding the House of Delegates is currently built into the Alliance budget. Changing the format of the meeting to include all paid members at Convention wishing to participate will not change the cost of holding the meeting. There may be a savings associated with reducing the amount of time needed for meeting rooms due to the consolidation of the Open Forum and House of Delegates into a single meeting, as well as eliminating the Reference Committee.

Resolution Author:   Susanne Espinosa, 784 S. Main St., Hartford, WI 53027, / (801)787-3514 (cell)

Resolution Title :  Change of New Dentist Spouse Dues to Mirror the Graduated Scale Used by the ADA

Background:  The ADA has recognized the financial burden organized dentistry presents to newly graduated dentists and the potential to lose out on members due to high cost of membership. In response, the ADA has adopted a graduated dues schedule that eases new dentists into the cost of membership, demonstrating an understanding of tight finances in the first few years of practice, as well as an interest in keeping younger members engaged during those years. The Alliance of the American Dental Association should also recognize the financial burden that membership costs present to newly graduated dental spouses, and adopt a graduated dues schedule to encourage new members without financially burdening them right out of dental school.

Be it resolved that: The Alliance of the American Dental Association will adopt a graduated dues schedule for dental spouses for the first five years after dental school graduation of $20/year.

Estimated Cost: Unknown    Explanation:  There is currently no method of tracking the number of years post-graduation for Alliance members, therefore it is unknown how many current members this would affect. However, it is anticipated that there would be an increase in new dentist spouse enrollment with the decrease in cost, with the goal of keeping those members long term, resulting in a net gain for the Alliance of the ADA.

Resolution Author:   Susanne Espinosa, 784 S. Main St., Hartford, WI 53027, / (801)787-3514 (cell)

Resolution No. 4: Approval of the FY 2018 Proposed Budget

Background:  The Finance Oversight Committee is charged with developing a proposed operating budget for each fiscal year.  The proposed budget, based on historical revenue and expense information, and taking into account any anticipated changes in anticipated revenues and expenses, is presented to the Leadership Council for review and discussion during the Leadership Council meeting held during the annual Conference.  The proposed budget is then made available for review by the membership, through publication in KEY, for discussion at the reference hearing, and ultimately subject to a vote by the House of Delegates at the AADA Convention.

Resolved that, the proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 be approved as presented.

Estimated Cost:  None          

Explanation:  The proposed budget includes over $35,000 in reserve funds to establish a balanced budget.  Reserve funds are a calculated figure representing the difference by which proposed expenses exceed proposed revenues.

Resolution Author Anne Morrison, 2459 N. 148th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68116
P:  402.496.6275  C:  402.669.6970 E:
As:  Committee Chair for the Finance Oversight Committee

Complete copies of the submitted resolutions, along with the proposed budget for FY 2018, will be included as part of the delegate materials. Any AADA member who will not be attending Convention, or will not be serving as an AADA delegate, may request complete copies of the resolutions and the proposed budget through an email request to