AADA Forms

Welcome to the Web Forms for the AADA

House of Delegates Resolution Form: Delegates may submit resolution in preparation for the House of Delegates session held in conjunction with Convention.

Member Project Awards Application: Serves to recognize outstanding project efforts carried out by state, local, or student alliance groups, as well as individual alliance members.

Pay your Member Dues with Paypal: Use Paypal to subscribe yearly to AADA using an automatic payment once a year.

Apply or Renew Your Membership:

First Time Conference Attendee Grant: The grant program was established to encourage Alliance members to attend Conference

Student/Spouse Scholarship: The focus of this scholarship program is to prepare the recipient for further involvement in dental health education, legislative activities and leadership positions as they continue their membership in the Alliance.

Beulah K. Spencer New Member Service Award Application:  The focus of this is to recognize members who are making outstanding contributions to their Alliance.

Thelma Neff Distinguished Service Award: The focus of this is to Recognize members who are making outstanding contributions to their Alliance.

Request for Program Funds: We combined the Member Development Fund, Student Spouse Support Fund and the At Risk/Startup form with this one single form.

AADA Conference Registration Form